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Founded-Qattan, "comfort" in 1987 and since that dateOtkhozna principle .....! "Updating the development of innovation"It was always our motto of "innovation and tradition Hrvatna hobby"And on the way we used to update the latest equipment and machinery we have developed as the global and the development of new materialsThe innovation was to reconcile God with us We excel by using Egyptian cotton with a global reputation and good use of finest silk in the process of embroidery As for printing, we have the latest models and designs under the supervision of a selection of international designers and the site presents a small number of these designs as we have moreAnd God's help, we specialize in the manufacture of linen and family quilts embroidered and printed We also have a fully prepared to brushes hotels and hospitals with our expertise in this area We seek God's satisfaction with our work perfectly and always make new Greetings family company with the convenience of furniture

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